Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Sales, Showroom and Warehouse

Open: monday - friday, 08.00 - 16.30

E-mail: sales@safetyone.ro

Toll-free number: 0800 800 047

Address: Incinta CERES, Str. Drum Incinta Lot 33 (C36), Com. Mihail Kogalniceanu, Constanta



1.1 Price quotations are valid for the duration of this catalogue, and are subject to subsequent modifications. Prices are net and exclude Delivery Fees and VAT, these being charged at the date of invoicing.

1.2 Occasionally, unforeseen errors may occur related to our website or catalogue, and products may suffer modifications in price. In these circumstances, we will not be obliged to supply the products at the incorrect price.


Payment methods accepted by SafetyOne are: Online Payment, Payment Order in advance.

f you have chosen the "Online" payment method, you will be redirected to the secure site of the electronic payment processor (Mobilpay.ro) where you will have the possibility to review the billing information and make the payment. If you have chosen the payment methods listed above, it is necessary to fill in a form with the information about your card in the secure page of the payment processor. Payments with credit / debit cards issued under the Visa and MasterCard logo (Visa / Visa Electron and MasterCard / Maestro) are made through the "3-D Secure" system developed by organizations that ensure online transactions at the same level of security as those made at the ATM or in the physical environment, at the merchant. "3-D Secure" ensures first of all that no information related to your card is transferred or stored on the servers of the online store or on the servers of the payment processor, these data being directly entered in the Visa and MasterCard systems.

2.1 SafetyOnePro srl reserves the right to capitalize integrally, on due time, the payment methods issued for the goods delivered or in process of delivery.

2.2 SafetyOnePro srl reserves the right to charge interests on any unpaid amounts according to the contract, at a rate of 0.1% per day, until the integral payment. The Buyer commits to indemnify SafetyOnePro srl for all cost incurred by SafetyOnePro srl to recover the outstanding amounts, including law expenses.

2.3 No payment is considered received until SafetyOenPro srl has received all outstanding amounts, including penalties and other expenses.

2.4 If the payment method offered by the buyer is not accepted by the bank and is returned following verifications, the Buyer shall indemnify SafetyOnePro srl in respect of all additional bank charges incurred by SafetyOnePro srl.

2.5 The Buyer undertakes to make all payments he agreed under contract, with no deductions from the total amount, except for when the Buyer has a valid court order with reference to any amount equal to such deduction from all payments to SafetyOnePro srl.


3.1 All SafetyOne deliveries are made by DPD.

3.2 You can choose another delivery service, only if it does not imply cash or documents return.

3.3 For all products in our stock, we’ll deliver your order within 2-3 working days from the day your order was received, meaning that it will reach your destination in maximum 7 working days. Products which are not in our stock will be delivered in maximum 10 working days from the day your order was received.

Even customized orders will reach your destination in maximum 14 working days.

3.4 Terms and Conditions for delivery are only applicable in EU

3.5 Except for when another delivery address is jointly agreed, products will be delivered at the Buyer’s address.

3.6 Claims for exchange of products damaged during transportation or shortage must be made in writing to SafetyOne within 3 days from reception of goods.


Although we make continues efforts to hold sufficient products in our stock to honor all orders, there may be cases when we have insufficient stock for certain categories of products.


5.1 All products manufactured and marketed by SaftyOne benefit from guarantee in storage and/or use (depending on the specific of each product), in accordance with the legislation in force and with the trade policies of foreign manufacturers.

5.2 Each invoice issued by SafetyOne is accompanied by a quality – guarantee certificate, each product having mentioned separately the guarantee period for both storage and use.

5.3 The guarantee offered to products sold by SafetyOne is not transferable. It is only granted to direct buyers; third parties who may obtain the products cannot raise any claim from SafetyOne. All sizes, capacities and dimensions presented on SafetyOne website are approximate and for guidance only.  


6.1 In the unlikely event that a product does not meet your expectations, you can exchange it within 10 days, in its original condition (with all labels attached and in the original package), accompanied by an explanatory note justifying this action. All return costs for the products you want to exchange shall be borne by you completely.

6.2 Products made under special customer specifications or products customized with customer’s details (embroidery or print) are not exchangeable/refundable.

6.3 Product exchange is valid only  for orders made by individuals.


Colours and shadings of garments featured in both our printed and online versions are as accurate as with the physical products as the printing or electronic process will allow.


Any errata or changes in the product catalogue related to pricing will be notified upon submission of the order and before it is delivered.  SafetyOne reserves the right to make any such amendments at any time.


Products marketed by SafetyOne are sold to the buyer to be used in compliance with its final intended purpose established by the manufacturer. SafetyOne guarantees the buyer that his purchased products are free of faulty design in material and workmanship. However, in the extraordinary event of such defects, it limits its liability under this warranty only to the replacement of products. Thus, SafetyOne’s liability is only limited to the value of the supplied goods. SafetyOnePro srl cannot be held liable or accountable for any other complaints.


We reserve the right to suspend supply of any products or to terminate a contract before its expiration, by written notification addressed to you, in the event you fail to comply with your contractual obligations or if you are unable to pay the amounts when they fall due or in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings. Following the written notification, your debts to us becomes immediately payable and we shall under no further obligation to supply other products to you.


We decline any responsibility to you for any delay in delivery of products or for any shortages or damages of the supplied goods, which is caused by any event or cause of force majeure beyond our control (including strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes).


Please note that phone calls may be recorded and stored to later be used as evidence in case of complaints.


SafetyOne will use your information to finalize the order and obtain payment for the products. Unless you expressly indicate us that you do not wish to receive such information, we may also use these details to provide you occasional information about our products, special offers or other services we believe are of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such information, please indicate this when you register as a client. Following careful selection, SafetyOne may also transmit these details to other third parties.


This Contract is governed and shall be construed in accordance with the Romanian law.